Pasted images are blurry when zoomed in

I’ve noticed that when I zoom into a pasted image, the image looks anti-aliased. How do I disable this?

It seems that your original image is too small, causing the loss of accurate aliased pixels. After Zoom in (600%), it becomes smooth. If you don’t want to lose precise pixels, don’t import images that are too small

My question is how do I disable this pixel aliasing? I don’t care for it. I want it to be pixelated. If I paste the same image into any image editor, I don’t have the this issue. This is specific to Axure.

Thank you for your reply.

This would be worth an email to as a feature request …they don’t always see/respond to these user forum posts.
(I’ll try pinging @BenHoang_Axure and @Tanya_Axure here :smiley: …Hi !)
Seems like it could be a preference setting, like an “Image Anti-alias” checkbox.

If your images are basic graphics like you show, making them as SVGs could eliminate pixelation and aliasing. (Just be sure to convert imported SVG files to shapes in Axure.)

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Thanks for summoning us mbc66–hello!

At the moment we don’t have any setting to modify anti-aliasing but I would be happy to let our product team know that there is interest in being able to turn it off. To help our product team get a better sense of your use case, @dg7by can you let us know why you need small images to be more pixelated?

As for eliminating the pixelation entirely, mbc66 is spot on and if you convert an SVG to shapes within Axure RP, it should make the icon crystal clear.

Hey thanks @BenHoang_Axure!

Pretty much the reason why is to improve usability.

In our process, we have mockups created in image editing tools to show a concept, and then they will be further elaborated in Axure. Within our workflow, we also spend extra care and attention to ensure certain things line up and look correct, so we zoom in a lot. But in Axure, when we zoom in, the images “don’t look right” compared to our expectations and creates confusion.

The desire is to simply reduce this “cognitive load” and be able to turn off the anti-aliasing on the pasted images. I understand this will not happen for svg images, but we don’t have a complete asset library of svg’s at the moment either :frowning:

Thank you

Ah, that totally makes sense–appreciate you describing your use case for us. It sounds like you are trying to create high fidelity pixel-perfect prototypes so seeing those sharp pixelated can be useful. This is something that we would definitely want to improve on.

I’ve passed this information along to our product team to look into improving this user flow. Thanks again!

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