Performance issues ... how many states should you have in a dynamic panel? A more specific notification/guideline would be helpful

I have a number of lightbox dialogs. Each dialog is in one dynamic panel as a state. This is causing massive performance issues. Is it better to have multiple dynamic panels with a single state or one dynamic panel with all the dialogs? It is easier to manage if I could just have one with all the dialogs in.

I would really like some form of notification on limiting the number of dynamic panels/repeaters and suggestions/guidelines. It is currently ridiculous at how slow my prototypes are getting and it is a bit trial and error when it comes to performance. I would really like a notification shown somewhere in the app about potential performance issues and recommendations so I don’t have to keep using trial and having the app crash all the time.

E.g. currently there is a message shown if you try and put a repeater inside a repeater … something like this would be helpful for possible performance issues.

Hi alphavisual,

I can see a notification of some kind being useful, though potentially tricky to detect accurately based on performance. I can pass the idea along for review.

As far as performance, as a (very) rough guideline we generally advise trying to keep pages to 500 widgets with 40 dynamic panels/panel states, since users who cross that threshold tend to notice performance issues. Large unoptimized images, large repeaters, and large tables can also slow down a page.

For the setup you’re describing, I think either way you may still run into similar performance issues since the number of widgets on the page wouldn’t change much. On this page do the widgets that are being shown as lightboxes necessarily need to be in a dynamic panel? If the dialogs are grouped widgets inside of the dynamic panel states, then rather than use dynamic panels to encompass the groups you could show the groups themselves as lightboxes (though you lose that organization of having them in the dynamic panel––just a thought!).

For what it’s worth, I’ve tended not to notice too many issues with one or two dynamic panels that have multiple states - it’s when those states have nested DPs within them, or when the DPs themselves are within repeaters that everything becomes glacial to load and occasionally crashes the application. However I’ve recently learned a bunch of tricks for building lighter weight mockups to handle things that I was previously doing mostly with DPs.

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