Perpetual Licence in 2017 but I have since lost the credentials. How to ger new license


We purchased a licence in 2017 but I have since lost the credentials, can you send them to me / reset to be my details please (has Invoice).

If we create projects on a FREE Subscription account can we transfer projects?

Kind regards,

Estela Gaspar
UX Designer

Hi Estela,

If you’ve lost access to the credentials used to manage your license in the customer portal then please send an email over to with your request and any supplementary details about the original purchase (such as the invoice) so that we can assist.

As far as your second question, if you create projects while using the trial of Axure RP then you can keep and transfer those projects as needed, same as with any other licensed version of Axure RP. The files that you save to your hard disk/save location will remain there until you delete them, and any projects that you published to your Axure Cloud account will also remain until you remove them. If you publish projects via one account and want to transfer them to another one, then this can be done by creating a shared workspace, adding the projects to it, and then inviting the account that you’re transferring to. The newly invited account will then have access to the published projects.

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you. This helps a lot.


Estela Gaspar

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