Perpetual license

I have read conflicting information about the perpetual license. Can I get confirmation either way on this please; if/when V10 is launched will the license continue?

Will this remain a V9 perpetual license( we can keep using v9 forever) or will it allow a v10 upgrade?

I agree some of the information on the Axure sales pages is confusing. As this is a user’s forum, I think your best bet is to email with your specific questions.

That said, we recently purchased some upgrade licenses from RP8 to RP9. Existing licenses were perpetual for RP8 Team, and they will continue to work for RP8, but not RP9. Upgrades from RP8 Team to RP9 Team were $199, as perpetual licenses for RP9 only, with no promises (nor expectations from me) that they would work with any future versions. I would expect a discounted rate to upgrade in the future, similar to what is available now ($199 upgrade vs $895.)

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