Photoshop Image holding White Background in Axure RP


Sorry to bother: But I have some photos /artwork that I have edited out the background in Photoshop and are transparent to go int Axure…but on bringing in they are fully white backgrounds.

Can I get the best procedure to save the Photoshop file and to bring into Axure RP correctly please.

I ask as some artworks I made keep a transperancy and the one causing me trouble is not working at all.

I know line art / ICONS should be SVG…BUT for photos/artwork with no background please.

thanks: Daryl



You need to export the photoshop image as a PNG file with transparency switched on. This then can be added to a page using the add image widget.


My thanks…think I had problems due to an image layer being locked. Anyway that worked and all good. Wasn’t sure if I needed to save as a Gif - but PNG is fine now!

thank you Stephen


You can try Lightroom App for this. It has different advanced captures modes like RAW and HDR. You can add your watermark for copyright and export that image as a PNG file. You can perform the bulk image editing to speed up the process.