Pinning a dynamic panel to the top center, dp doesn't show


I’m having an issue with pinning a dynamic panel to the top center of the page.

When I click a symbol. I want a modal to slide down from the top center of the page. In this modal, there will be a link to click on and the modal will expand down to show more information. You can click off the modal, hit escape, or click a button or the X to remove the modal from the page.

In the Pin to Browser settings, I check the box for Horizontal Pin “center” and Vertical Pin “top” and “Keep in front”.

When I view the page in my browser (chrome) and click on the shape to show the modal, it’s not visible.

Any guidance would really be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Should I have to place my dynamic panel on a negative Y axis in order for it to show up Horizontal Pin “center” and Vertical Pin “top”?

can you share a screenshort

Sure. So, I want this box to slide down from the top of the viewport.

In order to place it at the top, I have to put it at a negative y-value (in this case it’s at -980), but that number will change depending on the screen size, so I have to have it placed absolutely.

My settings are set at Horizontal Pin “center” and Vertical Pin “top”.

I wanted to set it up so that when you click on “more information”, the box expands down to show more info.

Right now it’s set up as a tooltip, which isn’t ideal.

In the Set panel state you can choose the direction you want the widget to show from.

Like this?

The modal still isn’t showing up. The screen turns grey, as it should when a lightbox modal pops up, but my modal isn’t visible.

Hi RainbowMoonbeams,

It sounds like your dynamic panel might currently be pinned at a location outside of the canvas. If the dynamic panel itself is placed at a vertical location outside of the canvas, pinned location of the panel in the browser will automatically adjust to reflect that. You can check this in the panel’s “Pin to Browser” options:

To adjust this while keeping the vertical pin set to “Top”, you’ll want to move your dynamic panel accordingly (e.g. move the panel to a y-location of 0 if you want the margin to be 0).

If that didn’t do the trick, would you be able to post a copy of the RP file you’re working with? We’ll be able to get a closer look at how your file is set up and what might be going on with that. If you’re not comfortable with posting your file here, feel free to send it over to Let me know if you have any questions!