Pinning sidebar issue for desktop multiple views

Hello friends,
I have a requirement in my project where I have to pin two sidebars to the browser, one left and one right. But I’m facing an issue as the right pinned sidebar is placing an empty space between the mid content area and the sidebar.

Actions I have followed

  1. Made the page left align
  2. Pinned the left sidebar
  3. Pinned the right sidebar.

This is the link: https://jnbs43.axshare.comPinned issue.rp (59.3 KB)

Highly appreciate your support.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @appauiux,

It looks like when you preview your project, the prototype is scaling to fit the browser window’s width. Because of this, the sidebars are staying in their pinned position (either left or right), and the prototype is being resized to fit the window, creating the empty space you are seeing.

To view the prototype as intended, you can adjust the prototype player’s scaling options to “Scale to width”. This change is also reflected in the URL and can be shared in this configuration. I have included your project with the modified URL here:

For more information, you can learn more about the prototype player and scaling in our documentation pages linked below: