Place a PDF?



I’m interested in adding a PDF to a page that a user can open or download. is this possible?


Hi RebeccaO,
You need to host your pdf file in to online.
I have created pdf view in Iframe and download option.
Refer the attached RP file. You can change the based on the index value

I hope it will be useful for you.
pdf_view and download.rp (54.6 KB)


Is there a way to host that PDF on Axshare? Maybe google drive? I don’t have a website to post it to.

Any suggestions?


You can’t host to Axshare. But you can post pdf in axure forum after that you can get url from your post.
Try below URL’s
Free PDF Hosting: Upload PDFs with just a click!

I hope it will be useful for you.



Is Drop box going to work?

Thank you!


Hi sielo,

Yep! All you need to do is publish the PDF to Dropbox, share it to get the shareable link, and then add “dl=1” as a query parameter in your URL, e.g.:

And here’s Dropbox’s support page on the subject:

I’ve also attached an example file to demonstrate this. Hope it helps!

DownloadPDF.rp (46.2 KB)


Drop box going to work with pdf files.
With the Adobe + Dropbox integration, you can open PDFs from your Dropbox account in Adobe on your desktop and from the Adobe mobile app . You can also convert webpage to PDF and view on, Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD files on dropbox website or the Dropbox mobile app.