Predictive Search auto-complete in text field

Hi I have a predictive search text field that auto-completes from the beginning but does anyone know how to create a predictive search at auto-completes from anywhere within the variables; like google search?

Hi our3cats,

It sounds like you’re looking for an auto-complete search that auto-completes from anywhere within the string–does that sound right? If so, here’s a few examples by our forum members that may help with what you’re looking for:

Dynamic auto suggest using repeater widget


Predictive Search with auto-complete in the search box?

Feel free to take a look!

Hello Jane,
The dynamic search does find from"anywhere withing the string"
For example - For country search, If I type Korea, it would bring up “South Korea” and “North Korea”, that is because search string begins with “Korea”.
However, I am wondering if i type something before “Korea”, can the search bring up the same results. For example - if I type “my Korea”, can it bring up “South Korea” and “North Korea”?
I want the search to match any part of the search string and bring up the results.
I am trying to create a natural language search, and this would help me in that.
Please help.

Thank you.

Hi! It looks like your post was responded to over here:

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