Predictive search - show results from all words and making a selecting

I have tried adapting the predictive search repeater by @kipaxure, and it works well…

However, I have a couple of additional needs:

  1. Showing all available options:
    If the user types ‘art’ I’d like them to see all options that contain the word art - not just those that start with the word (e.g. ‘Art and design’ and ‘Performing arts’)

  2. Option selection:
    When the user mouse-over’s the options in the list, each field changes colour to indicate selection (and same with cursor ideally!)

  3. Selection validation:
    When the user makes a selection (either by clicking or pressing enter), it then fills the search box with that selection. (it will then do some other interactions as you’ll see in the attached below)

Here’s what i’ve got so far…
Repeater-search-selection.rp (76.3 KB)

I’ve had a search around and can’t find an existing query with this same option… Any advice?

1. Change your rule for filtering to this:

[[Item.First_Name.toLowerCase().indexOf(LVAR1.toLowerCase()) >= 0]]

(Was == 0, now >= 0). This will check for the occurrence of the text anywhere in the string

2. Apply a mouseover style to the widget within the repeater. The cursor change will happen automatically when you add an onclick event.

3. Add an onclick to the widget inside of the repeater that sets the text and then shows your other options.

See attached.

Repeater-search-selection.rp (76.2 KB)


Brilliant, thanks so much :slight_smile:
Hope I can repay the favour one day. Here’s hoping!

You’re welcome. Glad to help :slight_smile: