Predictive Search with auto-complete in the search box?



I’ve seen several libraries out there for autocomplete and predictive search drop downs, but none that include an auto-complete feature within the search field itself. Any advice?

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Hi juls.writer,
Please check the attached RP file. I’m not quite sure I’ve understood your problem
auto-complete.rp (60.7 KB)


Hello Vikram,
First of all… thank you for auto-complete.rp it has been so helpful! All is great but I just received a request for the search not to bring back results until after 2 characters have been entered. The reason for this is when only one character is entered it’s bringing back to much data and we want to cut that in half by waiting to bring back results until after 2 characters have been entered. I have several options but nothing is working. Do you have any suggestions that would work with your existing file?


This was perfect! Exactly what I needed.



hi can you help me i need to learn how to do search function.


Hi sulaimanbale11,

There are a few examples of predictive auto-search on our forums, which I’ve linked to below:

Hope this helps!


This is very close to the function I was hoping for but, I am unable to edit the file in 7.0 and it does not work at
all in RP 8.0.

Also would like to add small images before text in drop down.

Thank you.



Looks like your other post about predictive text got a response over here. :slight_smile:


Hello there,

Kindly help me in improving the predictive search bar, I got a brief idea over the above threads discussed and really have something to take of it.

I have created the predictive search box on entering a numerical value. (ex: 50212345), I am unable to fix on the filtering part of it.

What is the fx rule in this case? Please find the file below.

Predictive Search Bar.rp (60.7 KB)

Manish JP


This was made for v7. It’s not working in Could you upload an updated version?



Predictive Search Bar_fixed.rp (61.5 KB)


Thanks a lot Vikram! Helped me at the right time.


Hi Jane,
I created predictive auto-search.

Question-Autocomplete search.rp (221.6 KB)

The only 2 problems that I have:

  • hide background
  • and if numbers of search results less then 10, to make background as hight as number of results

    Thanks in advance,
  • Natalie


I almost was able to solve this problem :slight_smile: Here is a preview

Autocomplete_Repeater (1).rp (239.0 KB)

I do not know how to hide this bottom line

Regards, Natalie


Hi Natalie,

I previewed your file, and I’m unable to see a bottom line in the output. Is this the line you’re referring to?


Hi Jane,
Thank you for quick reply, No I have 2 “separatorBottom” lines:

They are trouble makers.
When 10 and more item selected I need this line to be visible.


Hi Natalie,

Got it. This should be fairly simple. :slight_smile: All you need to do is add conditional logic to an event to check for the visible item count of the repeater, and if it is less than 10, then hide the separateBottom widget. I added this condition to the SearchField’s OnTextChange event.

Autocomplete_Repeater (1)_EDIT.rp (255.2 KB)


Thank you so much, Jane! :slight_smile: For me it was not easy…


Thank you for this very helpful entry. Unfortunately, my try at rebuildung the given solution does not work. Can anybody help me please to get it right?

GND-TS-Ansetzung.rp (394.3 KB)