Pressing on "dot" jumps the user through pages

Hi there, I’m using Axure for user-testing, and I’ve added in axure 9 atext field for the user to add his email address, but when hitting the “dot” key in the field, the published demo “jumps” to the next page!
how do I solve that?

Hi Eran_Bar_Sinai!

To begin troubleshooting this behavior, could you please confirm whether your text field includes any hint styling? There’s a known issue that we have on file where text fields that do not contain hint styling can make it so that pressing the shortcut keys “,” and “.” will fire the output’s paging shortcuts as these keys are entered into this text field widget. You can review the styles for your text field widget by selecting the widget and then navigating to the “Interactions” pane:


Please let me know if the widget displays a “:hint” style above its interactions, as shown in the screenshot above. Thanks!

Hi there, no, it does not contains a hint text and I don’t need a hint text in this field.
Following your response, I’ve tried to add a white colored /transparent hint text (just to bypass your bug), but in this new version I can’t even find the “hint style” command to edit the hint text’s color, as I used to in axure8

Hi Eran_Bar_Sinai,

Ah, thanks so much for letting me know! I’ll be adding a note to the filed report regarding your experience with this bug.

To add a hint style back to your text field, select the text field and click on the “Add Interaction” button found in the Interactions pane. Scroll to the bottom of the events list and select “:hint” from the Style Effects section. This will add a hint style effect back to the widget, and should help to workaround this bug. Additionally, I wanted to mention that as long as hint text is not added to the widget through the Interactions pane’s More Properties icon, the hint styling will not be applied to the widget. I hope this helps!

I did it, thanks, but Please! solve this dot issue as soon as possible, I can’t change now all my forms in all my projects just to adjust it to this bug, I’m sorry, but this is a very basic bug!

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