Pretty URL - how to REMOVE? :)



It is a very useful and very easy to add pretty URL to your shared prototype… but I have not managed to find an answer for a basic question - how to REMOVE them :slight_smile:

After a while of working on a very complex project amount of unused pretty URL’s is growing beyond manageable size…


Hi Piotr_Z,

Do you mean the Pretty URLS setting in Axure Share where you can set a default and 404 page for your project? If so, you can remove pretty URLs through the Axure Share web interface at Once you log in, navigate to the project workspace and click on the gear icon under “Configure” to select “Pretty URLS” for the project. This will take you to the Pretty URLs page where you can remove any default or 404 page you’ve set up for that specific project:


thanks for clarification, actually in your example it has more sense - I was referring to space where you have Home, Page1 Page 2, etc… - I see why I cant remove them - as they are simply structure of prototype - so removing a page will remove it -

Thanks again.


There is no “delete” functionality- I just clear all the fields and that will essentially delete it.