Preview correctly but published version incorrect



I have 2 adaptive views, mobile and desktop.
I checked the changes in and there is an H2 element which had not been changed, however now the desktop version on the cloud has this element as left aligned, where it should be centred, whereas the preview shows the element as centred.

This element is part of a master; and I did have another irritating problem with another master where it would not position correctly even though the preview showed it as expected, in the end I broke the link with the master, positioned everything correctly and all is now ok. Obviously this solution removes the benefits of using masters.

So I would like to know if this is a common problem with masters i.e. that Axure gets its knickers in a twist on load to cloud. Because I will replan what I was going to do if so.

Thank you


To help us investigate and visualize what might be going on, can you please attach the project file that you are working with so we can test it? Feel free to send your file to as well.

Please also let us know the details of which page/master and H2 element are you referring to so we can take a look.


I would but I think it would be a waste of your time since it seems to have corrected itself. I will try to tiedown conditions a little better if it happens again


OK here is a case in point. None of my Desktop versions are showing now when published.
On axure:
On Cloud:

So the screen size is correct but it is showing the mobile design.
I am sending the file to you as well

Thank you


Now this problem has evaporated again - Very frustrating!!!