Preview feedback in Axure 9


I’m testing Axure 9 and see some items don’t appear on the preview (as you can see on the following image). Is it an isolated issue or a beta effect ?

Hi Ax-guy,

Hmm! That’s odd. Could you post your RP file here for me to test? Please also let me know:

  1. The version of Mac you’re running (e.g. 10.13.6)
  2. The version of Safari (11.1.2)
  3. Whether you see this in all browsers
  4. Whether you see this when generating the HTML files or publishing the file to Axure Share

Thank you!

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Bellow, all info you need :

  1. My version is 10.13.6
  2. Safari 11.1.2
  3. This is the same for Chrome
  4. This is for generating file, I haven’t tested Axure share yet

QuickTest.rp (49.5 KB)

About Axure share, may you tell me when team projects will be available ?

Thank you

in the preview (also in the rendered version) the display of some items doesn’t work yet. It’s strange that only a few have posted this so far.

The following screenshot shows the Axure file on the left and the preview in Chrome on the right (but Firefox and Edge are identical):

Good to see is that circles are not displayed at all (the generated image is simply transparent and empty).
Also 1px lines and radio buttons and checkboxes are not displayed.

My test environment:
Newly created Axure file
Windows 10, Build 1709
Chrome 69

The related Axure file:
test.rp (58.9 KB)

Hi fishmi222, Thanks for submitting this example! Unfortunately, this issue is still proving tricky to reproduce consistently. From the same OS and browser versions, I’m seeing the circles correctly. Could you please do the following?

  1. In Chrome, can you please go to “View > Developer > JavaScript Console” and then open this preview page in the same tab.

  2. Please expand the console so that all the content is showing and then take a screenshot of the pane.

  3. Switch to the Open the “Network” tab and check “Preserve log”. Then, reload the page to populate the pane. Once the page finishes loading, right-click “start.html” at the top of the “Name” column, and select “Save as HAR with Content”.

You can send this by email to instead of posting it on here, if you prefer!

I have sent the requested documents by e-mail.
I hope that there will be a quick solution because I don’t want to work with version 8 anymore. The beta is very stable and I could live with the other bugs.

By the way, I like the new bright interface very much. It’s modern and eye friendly. With the other topics about the new design you should keep in mind that there is always a lot of screaming when a design is significantly changed (even UXlers are creatures of habit :slight_smile: ).

Only the Interaction Panel makes the work more difficult in the new design. But I have already written in another topic that I would basically make this panel more compact. But I could also live with the existing implementation.

Just a hint - try last build it helped me a lot , and my issues with missing shapes etc were similar to yours.
It was something with language version of OS.

It work! :thumbsup: Thank you