Preview got a file not found page

Hey guys, I am a beginner of axure and something doesn’t work and I can’t figure it out by Google.
When I clicked the “Preview” button on the toolbar, the pop-up chrome tab displayed a 404 page as follow:

I use a socks5 proxy but it still doesn’t work after I disabled it.
All settings keep default and the version is the latest.
I am using macos mojave 10.14.1.

Hi xzmeng,

Hmm, to confirm, does this issue happen in all browsers or just Chrome? Likewise, does it happen with all files or one specific file? Are you able to view the prototype if you generate local HTML or publish to Axure Share?

When you click the preview button, Axure RP generates a preview on localhost at IP If the issue happens for all files in either one or all browsers, then you’ll want to ensure that nothing on your machine or network would be blocking Axure RP from generating that preview, and that access is allowed to If you’re on a Mac then the proxy configuration is handled in “System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies”, where there is a text field titled “Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains”: you’ll want to ensure that *.local, localhost, is included in that area for each proxy that you have.

Hopefully that helps, and generating HTML helps as a workaround in the meantime.

Thanks for your reply.
The problem happens in both safari or chrome.
The share or generate functions work fine.
I’ve modified the proxy settings as what you suggested but it didn’t help.
I could indeed connect to the server, however got a 404 error page indicating the server couldn’t find the start.html .
So the problem shouldn’t be concerned with network but with server.

Hello again! Hmm, so it sounds like only preview is affected, and continues to have issues despite the proxy change or disabling it. From your screenshot, it looks like you’re using Axure RP on a Mac. By any chance do you happen to know whether your file system is configured to be case-sensitive? Axure RP’s preview function on Macs relies on the file system being case-insensitive in order to work; if the file system is case-sensitive, then you get preview errors such as the one that you’ve pictured.

To verify whether that’s the issue you’re running into, please open your Finder and go to “Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility”, open “Disk Utility” select a drive from the left-hand side, and click “Info”. In the dialog that opens, please check whether the value “Is case-sensitive” is set to “Yes” or “No”. Please do this for all drives that you have on your machine. If you can attach screenshots of those options then that would help for us to verify. Thank you!

Yes, You’re right! I have only one disk with case-sensitive APFS.
Is there any method to solve this except reformatting the whole disk?

Aha, that looks like it’s the culprit. Unfortunately when it comes to case-sensitivity on disks, the only way to resolve this type of issue with the preview function would be to reformat the disk to be case-insensitive, which we know isn’t ideal. If this computer is new and the disk being case-sensitive wasn’t intentional, then we would recommend reformatting it to be case-insensitive to fix the preview issue with Axure RP as well as to help prevent issues with other applications. If reformatting isn’t a possibility for you, then hopefully generating HTML locally helps as an alternative!

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