Printing to PDF


Hi Axure devs,

I have a feature request!

Can you please set an option in export to export to a PDF that a) has selectable text, so it can be copied and pasted and b) automatically creates the PDF at the dimensions of all visible widgets on each page?

Currently the only way to do this is to export all pages as images and then combine them into a PDF. The problem with this is the text isn’t editable. The Print > Print to PDF function doesn’t work well either, since there is no way to get the dimensions of the PDF to match the dimensions of the widgets on the page, so there is either white space on the edges of the PDF (when using the fit to a single page option), or the page is split across multiple PDF pages.

Also, the custom dimensions of the PDF setting don’t work. Shouldn’t it EITHER be dimensions, or pixel dimensions, not both?



Anybody have any ideas on this?



It is insane that this is not a priority. Huge quality of life issue.


Has there been any interest/fix for this issue? I can’t really Export to PDF at all because like the gentleman above said- it doesn’t match up.

What a bummer!