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Hello everyone,
I am working on one of the project and hence I need this software to design prototype. I had used this software few years back, but that time there wasn’t any PRO and Team version.
As I am the only person working on the prototype and this software and after designing the prototype I also want to share HTML files with my project team., So do I need the PRO or Team version.

Please suggest.

Hi pramod,

Both the Pro and Team editions of Axure RP will allow you to create and share your prototypes on Axure Share. Only users who will edit the RP file in Axure RP will need a license.

The Team edition gives you access to the Team Projects feature. Team projects allow multiple users to work on the same file team file (.rpprj) and maintains a revision history by checking in changes to a team project that lives on Axure Share.

To learn more about our buying options, please visit the link below:

I hope this helps!

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