Problem importing sketch using the sketch Axure plugin

Hi there. I recently upgraded to Axure RP9 and have installed the new sketch - Axure plugin. However, the copy import does not seem to go very well. I get some of my elements from a design library, and every time I use buttons from that library or other elements, the whole copy process locks up my sketch and I need to force-close and restart sketch.

I have created a small sketch file that contains a few shapes and one button, that generates the error.

Could you see if you could find out what the culprit is and perhaps improve your plugin ? Importing the whole into Figma works fine btw. Importing in ProtoPie of the same elements works as well.



Hi Alex,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re coming across this issue with the Sketch plugin! Would you be able to post the Sketch file that reproduces this issue here, or email with these details and the Sketch file? That way we can test it out on our end to figure what’s causing this bug.


Hello Connor, I tried to upload, but a sketch file apparently is not authorised to upload. I’ll send it to the support email.

Thanks for investigating.


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