Problem updating Stakeholder prototype


I have a problem with sending updates to a prototype link we sent to our client. If I want to update a prototype with our team project’s ID, I can do so by just clicking share->update. But our client has a different prototype ID and I can’t update that prototype. If I send changes to the team project, my coworker can share->update that prototype ID with no problem. Is there a way for me to be able to update that other prototype ID?


Hi WojAnd,

It sounds like you potentially haven’t been invited to the projects “Workspace” by the current owner. You could ask the person who originally created the Workspace to invite you as an “Author”, which should allow you to check in/out any pages or masters that you need to modify. Further details on sharing Workspaces with others can be found here.

It is also worth clarifying that if you are working on Team projects, you will first need to get a local copy of that project, then “check out” any pages/masters etc, before you are able to edit those assets. You can find further details on this process here.

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I am in the same workspace. I can update the cloud file and my changes appear in the file on axure cloud. I can’t (or don’t know how to) update the prototype we sent to our stakeholders. From what I read, it is possible to create multiple prototypes with different settings and ID’s for different stakeholders. I know how to update the default prototype (it has the same ID as the cloud file). I don’t know how to update that other (stakeholder) prototype. When my coworker clicks “get changes”, they get the changes I made in the file and they can update the stakeholder prototype- further proof we’re working on the same cloud file.


Hi WojAnd,

Thanks for the reply! Could you please submit this issue to us via so we can investigate the matter further. To clarify, when you mention that you sent your prototype to your stakeholders, do you mean you sent them the actual .rp/.rpteam file or are you referring to the URL of the project hosted on Axure Cloud? You also mention that your co-worker is able to get the changes you have made to the project file and they can update the stakeholder project, could you please let us know what steps they are taking to “update” the stakeholder version after they have received your changes? Please bear in mind that if the project is a "Team " project, you will want to “Check in” any changes you have made as the “Share->Update” functionality is used for non-team projects. Additionally, could you also please include the project ID’s that you are facing the issue with.

Thank you!


I’m referring to the URL of an online prototype hosted at (xyz is an example). What I don’t understand is that xyz should be the same as the project ID in axure cloud. It’s not.

share -> update


Can you see the other prototype in your workspace? It sounds like the stakeholder prototype was published as though this were not a team project (Publish > Publish to Axure Cloud, or with the Share button). You might think that this would have the same outcome as sending changes to the team project, but in fact it defaults to publishing in your private workspace.

If this is what happened, then you wouldn’t have access to that workspace. Either your coworker or your client (whoever created it) would need to move that new project out of their individual workspace into the workspace that you have access to (for example, the one you already share). Then you would be able to select and update this project using the same manual publishing workflow while updating the “default” team prototype by sending changes.