Problem with Close Current Window function

I’ve run into a problem with the Close Current Window function - appears to be an issue in both v8 AND v9. Close current window ONLY works if used from the first page of the prototype. As soon as I navigate elsewhere (and even if I navigate back) it does nothing - the console indicates the function has been called but the page doesn’t close.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with my prototype - if I make a standalone project with 2 pages and 3 buttons it still fails once I navigate away from the initial screen - see example here - open this in a new window or you won’t be able to get back!

Changing browsers hasn’t helped, and sharing online vs running locally makes no difference either - is there something fundamental I’m missing?

I’m trying to prep a prototype for use on Userzoom - so I want to be able to exit cleanly and return the user to the UZ survey - any recommendations for other ways to achieve this handoff equally welcome.

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