Problem with Font awesome

Hi Forum,

I have been using Axure 8 and font awesome for long. However, recently I got a new laptop and I had to install Axure 8 again as well as fontawesome.

I followed the steps described in this article: Font Awesome Widget Library for RP 8 (Icon Fonts). Then I encountered some issues.

First, as you can see below, font awesome icons are exactly the same as one of the default library - Icons. And the fontawesome I was using looked very different from those as well.

Second, when I use fontawesome icons, its background is not transparent anymore.

Did anyone encounter this issue before? Please let me know how I can fix it. Thanks a lot!


If you’re running into issues with the fonts rendering on the canvas, then you’ll first want to check that you have the same version of the widget library, and local font file installed, and that Axure RP has been restarted after installing the font on your machine.

As far as the color of the font; to change the color of the Font Awesome icon, you’ll want to use the dropdown for font color, rather than fill color. To make the background of the icon transparent instead of white, you can use the fill color dropdown and click the white box that has the red line through it to remove the fill color.

Hopefully that helps!

Hi Alyssa, thanks! I guess I was too used to the old version of fontawesome. But yes, now it is working:)