Problem with images - Cropping and rounded corners spoils image quality


I am facing a weird problem while cropping the images in Axure. Doing that just degrades the image quality. The same problem arises when you try rounded corners on the image by dragging the little triangle.

Any one facing the same issue? Not sure if it is a known bug?

Please see the screenshots below.

System Details:
Mac Book Pro Rentina 15inch
El Capitan
Axure 7.0


Hi praveen.naga,

Thanks for those screenshots–that’s very helpful. This a known issue, and we’re currently looking to improve cropped/sliced image resampling in Axure RP.

For now, a workaround is to crop/slice/round the image in a third-party photo editing tool, and then import that into Axure RP. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the confirmation, Jane! But that would be time consuming!
Imagine when the requirement is to have rounded corners for a gallery of 20 images on one page and no rounded corners on the other page, I have to do create two sets of images in a third party tool and import into Axure, where in Axure I can simply copy the style and apply it to all the images with a single click. This is a powerful functionality in axure but not working as expected!

Would this be fixed in 8.0?


Hi Praveen,

I understand that using a third-party editing tool may be time-consuming, and for that I apologize! I’m unable to give you a definitive timeline of when the quality of sliced/cropped images will be improved, but I’ll be happy to add this post to the feature request we have filed for better image resampling. Thanks for the feedback!

This issue isn’t resolve yet. Axure v.

It is 2018! … And we still have this bug!

This issue also occurs when I add a border to images.
Makes Axure completely incapable of displaying screenshots of pages for screen flows.

I guess I’ll be sticking to using Sketch/Invision/Real Time Board!

It’s 2020, newest version, still happens :frowning: did anyone find a solution?

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This is a pain in the behind. Please fix.

Has this issue been resolved with Axure 9? (I’m on version

Still not fixed. I thought it was only me.

In RP8 you are much better off creating your images like this–bounded in a shape–in a separate graphics app.

A better way to achieve this effect was introduced in RP9 with the “Image Fill” option for shapes. For me, on Windows 10 system and common browsers it shows images perfectly.