Problem with Push Pull widgets below not pulling


I have a question for the professionals.
I have a prototype where the user can vertically sort three panels on a homepage using a dialog. The dialog has three widgets that drag vertically to sort. Also, a checkbox that hides the panel on the homepage. Sort works fine, but when I hide any panel using the checkbox, the panel doesn’t pull up to fill the gap. I did set the hide to include Push Pull widgets. I have included a example file. example.rp (119.2 KB)

Pulling my hair out.

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The issue has to do with the order in which all the different interactions are firing. A better method would be to move all the panels first, so they are in the right order, then set the visibility. This way the push/pull doesn’t conflict with the positioning set by the move. Also, since the move specifically places the panels’ positions, you don’t need to “push” when the panel is shown.

Custom_List_Order.rp (200.6 KB)

Hi Huban,
I see… all I had to do was move the shows to the bottom so they are last. That way the push doesn’t brake. I was focused too much on the checkbox state. Thank you so much for your help. Is there a tip jar on this forum?