Problem with redirecting to a different url in the same prototype


For a shared prototype, if the url changes after the # nothing happens.

Steps to reproduce:

Copy and paste the below url in a browser url bar and hit enter, you will see an image with “A”

Now go ahead and copy this url (it has a different id after #) in the very same url bar and hit enter, nothing happens.

Only when I hit the refresh button or cmd-R/strg-R the correct page (an image with “B”) appears.

Expected behavior: When copying the second url and and hitting enter the page should switch to the second image.

If you do the same with this two urls the page does change to another scroll position:

Some of our customers reported this issue when running user tests with axure prototypes. We allow redirecting to another url and this is an issue in this case.

If this is expected behavior and will not change in the future, please let me know and I will try to come up with a fix on our side.