Problem with 'treat as flyout'



Hi all,

For a variety of reasons I’m having to make a bespoke droplist widget and I’m having trouble with ‘treat as flyout’ misbehaving in dynamic panels that have been scrolled. Demo attached.

If you hit the ‘open’ button it’ll open a lightbox with a droplist in it; ‘treat as flyout’ works fine. If you then scroll the lightbox to get to the lower down droplist, ‘treat as lightboflyouterrordemo.rp (64.5 KB)
x’ stops working properly.

This happens regardless of pinning behaviour or treating as lightbox… simply fails if you scroll within a DP.

Anyone got any ideas? It happens in V8 & 9

In the meantime, for my client project i’m toggling visibility (slide down and up) and bringing the droplist options to front but you don’t have the mouse out to hide.




For what it’s worth, I can confirm this same behavior has happened to me as well.

I did work around it by using the OnMouseOut event to hide the list instead of using “treat as flyout”.


Hi, I am experiencing the same problem. Treat as flyout stopped working for me (even in older prototypes where it worked just fine).

Is it going to get fixed?


I am experiencing the same issue on Axure 10.