Problems with scroll bars in a Dynamic Panel with a Repeater inside. Any guesses?

I have a small list of options and I have a small area to display that, like a popover, What I did was:
DynamicPanel → Repeater

This DP is set as Scroll Vertical.

But this didn’t work.
Any idea, people?

I don’t quite understand your issue :thinking:

Is it that no scrollbar is displayed?
If so I think that you should reduce the height of your panel. The scrollbar will then appear because your repeater is bigger than you panel.

Hope it will help,

You are right.

But it is bigger, and it’s only wrong in the first stage. If I filter, it goes back to work. :frowning:


Ah ok, thanks for the gif. I understand your issue now

I think the best would be to post your rp file.
Someone on the forum could go in details in the interactions and find what is broken.