Progress Bar for Drop-down lists

Hello everyone, I want to build the interaction between the Progress Bar and 3 drop-down lists in one page. The progress bar is converted to Dynamic Panel with 4 states: empty, 30%, 60% and full.
I am stuck at this requirement: the bar will be set to 30% state only if all of 3 drop-down lists are selected.
I choose “On Selection Change” event for 3 drop-down lists and set the variable for each of them.
For the last drop-down list, I choose Set Panel State action for Progress bar to show to 30% state. It will be great when the user is assumed to select the drop-down lists from the first one to the third one, but when they select the drop-down list randomly, the progress bar does not show up.
I tried many ways but it all failed. Please advise me, every solution are welcome. Thank you very much

Best way to do it is to have the dropdowns increment a single variable. When that variable equals 3, show the progress bar.

dynamic_progress_bar.rp (73.8 KB)

Hi Huban, when I previewed it, I found out if I choose 3 times in one drop-down list, the progress bar was still shown to 30%, thus I added the conditional to “var_SelectionCount”. Finally made it
Thanks for your great support