Prototype Generation Failed Error

When we upload the prototype to Axure Share, it seems to fail every time. We are receiving an error that says “Prototype generation failed”. What are the reasons to receive this error and how can we fix this?

We are using Axure RP 7 – Is this version not supported by Axure Share anymore? If so, that would be huge issue for my team.

UPDATE: This is now working for us but it was very inconsistent. The error appeared for us all morning and would not upload. By 1pm, it seemed to work again. I’m worried that it might happen again before we go for usability testing next week. I would still like to know why this error occurs so we can avoid it next time.

Hi all,

amlynn18 wrote in to our help desk for assistance with the generation issue above, and from looking at their Axure Share ID it looks like the generation issue was being caused by an insufficient memory error. Reducing the number of widgets on the page and optimizing large images should help in cases like these. Axure RP 7 is still supported by Axure Share, but if you find that you frequently get memory or performance errors in that older version then feel free to try out Axure RP 8, which includes additional optimizations and is a free upgrade for existing license holders.

If anyone else finds themselves running into generation errors while publishing to Axure Share and you get an email with your project ID that is associated with the error, then please email that Axure Share ID to so that we can look up the errors and assist you directly. Thank you!

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