Prototype generation failed

Hi, since last night, I am unable to publish anything to axshare. It takes awful amount of time showing Generating prototype and then I get error saying “Prototype generation failed”. I have tried creating a new Team file, tried publishing to new URL, and even a non-team file. All scenarios seems to have same issue. Is it just me or anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hi Maz,

We received your email to, and after reviewing the project’s behavior, we were able to determine that a “Error GZIP header, first magic byte doesn’t match” error was occurring when working with this file.

We’ve seen this “GZIP” or “magic byte” error occur in some Axure RP 9 team project files, or in standard project files that were created using a team project file. In previous builds for Axure RP 9 (prior to 3653), there was a bug where getting or checking in team project files could cause Axure RP 9 to freeze. If a user force quit the application in the middle of this frozen operation, this kind of corruption error could occur when reopening the team project, and this corruption would also cause slow generation or generation failure when checking in team project changes. The cause of this freezing behavior was resolved in build 3653 for Axure RP 9, but the corrupted pages may still persist in a project and need to be fixed.

This error can display when opening a corrupted page on the canvas, or when including a corrupted page when generating an HTML file. One way to check for corrupted pages is to begin excluding pages from an HTML generator, and see which page (or pages) keeps the HTML files from generating successfully.

When this error is occurring in a project file, the corrupted pages will need to be removed, or replaced w a version of the page that was saved before the freeze happened, and the page became corrupted. You can try accessing an earlier version of your team project file by navigating to File > Recover File from Backup or Team > Browse Team Project History.

Once you have found a version of this file where the page is in a good state, you can import this page into your standard project or your team project to replace the corrupted page. You can import this page into the team project by navigating to File > Import from RP File.

This change should allow the prototype to generate successfully. :slight_smile:

Ran into the same issue. As suggested, narrowed down the problematic page using the HTML generated and then deleted it. Was able to generate successfully after!

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