Prototypes do not render well on IE8

Even with the newest V7 I am having problems with the prototype rendering on IE8. It’s an issue for me because many of our usability test participants use IE 7 and 8. Repeater is especially awful. Is this a known issue?

  • Jo Anne

We have found that we have to use Chrome or IE11. IE8 doesn’t really work well at all with v7, there are so many scripting errors, etc. Maybe you can set your studies up so they are using one of your computers instead of their’s that use an older version of IE? If a remote test, use screen sharing and give them control?

While Chrome and later IE version are definitely more stable, IE8 should work in all but extreme circumstances. The only thing I might consider an acceptable break is pages that are so massive that IE8 is just not optimized enough for them. However, we are working on more optimization that could possibly help in this area, too.

If you have any example files to post or send to support at axure dot com that aren’t working on IE8, we would definitely appreciate them and look for fixes.

Ian, I wouldn’t say the files I have the problems on are massive. One has a repeater with 75 rows, 6 columns (764k now, but it was much smaller a few months ago when I had the IE8 issues). My co-worker has a larger file, but I would say it’s massive either. His does not have repeaters. Unfortunately, we can’t send to you.

We didn’t have trouble rendering them until v7. They work just fine in v6.5. We are using Windows7. And, it’s not just on our machines, people that are using IE8 are having the same issues when they connect to the files in AxShare. Updating to IE11 or using Chrome solves the problem.

Repeaters are especially problematic. We are working on getting them more efficient. However, they didn’t exist in 6.5.

We will be doing some other general optimization, but any example 6.5 files that stop working just by loading them in 7.0 would be extremely helpful.

We have attempted to alleviate this problem in the latest beta channel build,, Release Candidate | Axure. Check it out and let us know if you still encounter problems.

Hello Ian, I’ve basically had some problem with IE8 as well using the latest updated axure version.
I can send you the files to have a look but since this is company work that I’m working on - will prefer to send it to you directly to have a look.

Essentially, I’ve been building a set of 3 to 6 droplists using dynamic panels which depending on the previous selection will display or hide the subsequent ones. It works perfectly on browsers such as FF, chrome and IE11 but had some issues with IE8 where it will display the following error messages (screenshot below). But I have to admit that the interaction setup might be bit complex where every single selections has some interactions and it is quite a big number of selection values and droplists…however, that is the requirement…
The other thing is that if you click on “yes” to continue, it seems to work ok.

Hi lionsg,

Thanks, IE8 might still be overloaded before the other browsers, but it should be much closer. First I would suggest making sure you are on the latest build, currently 3173:

Update To Latest Version | Axure.

Thanks for the offer to send the file, if you just send it to we’ll have a look. The support staff might be able to figure out a less “heavy” way of doing something (or at least find the culprit) and the file could definitely help with future IE8 testing.

For anyone who may have been following along with this case, lionsg had a fairly complex file, so we suggested targeting the pages that were encountering the script error and splitting their content (where logical) across multiple pages. This can be a good tactic to try to improve performance on particularly heavy pages.

As of the last update we received, this hadn’t completely resolved the issue, but if we get a chance to see the updated file and come across more useful information regarding this one, I’ll be sure to post an update!

I have the same problem on pages that don’t have complex elements… like I have some DP’s with high res images.

Hi nicolebtesh!

Hmm, have the high res images been optimized? To optimize your images, you can right-click an image and select “Optimize Image”.

When I optimize them, they get blurry… that’s why I don’t do it.

Hi nicolebtesh,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a response regarding this issue in your post here: