Provide rights to multiple people

My License info has changed. Unable to update my proto’s as I do not have rights to my previous folders through axure. How do I provide rights to my new email & license for my old prototypes? I have already shared the url’s with quite a few people and do not want to start off with new url’s?

Let me know. Thank you.

Hi! If you had previously been using a different account to publish prototypes and want to continue working with those same existing project IDs with your new account, then you’ll want to use shared workspaces to give your new account access to the original account’s projects. To do this, log in to your old account on, create a shared workspace, and move your projects into it. You can then invite your new account to join, and once you accept the invitation from your new account you should be able to access and publish to that workspace and those project IDs.

Thanks Alyssa. I created the workspace and moved the projects and have invited my new id to it. Whew :sweat_smile:

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