Public Links require Axure Cloud account?

First time poster. Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly but I have a question about public links. We work in an RP9 Team workspace. We have owners, authors, and viewers set up on Axure Cloud. They all have accounts. They log in and they see what they need to see. We use this a lot. It’s fantastic. But I recently ran into a use case where we want to temporarily share a prototype with someone that we don’t want to bother with an axure cloud login. We just want to send him a url, let him look at it, review it - totally public, no password. We can take it down when he’s done. I thought all i had to do is go into the overview page for the project, go into the share settings, and “enable public link”. I could choose to set a password, but i don’t need to. I thought i could just copy that url. But when i paste that URL into an incognito browser, I don’t see the prototype, I see the axure cloud login screen. The “public” links require a cloud account?

Am I trying to use for something its not built for?

I’ve been able to share public Axure Cloud links to prototypes, and I’m pretty sure they work without requiring sign in to Axure Cloud. Try this latest demo I posted:

When I try this with Incognito mode in Chrome browser, or access from a phone, the proto loads with no sign in.

Perhaps the issue is that you are using a Team Project. Are you publishing the prototype, or just sending a link to the Team Project “Overview”? If you haven’t yet, try clicking the “Share” button (or Menu > Publish) and creating a generated prototype to Axure Cloud. This will create a different URL from the Team Project itself which you’ll see in the “Generated… popup” with ability to copy it. Also, if you view the project in the Axure Cloud web “workspace folder” you’ll see the Team Project file and the prototype file. Hover over the “ID” column to see the url.

If this doesn’t help your situation, send an email to with as many details as possible. They are usually very fast and effective at responding.