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Is there a way I can see axshare project publish history. I can see a generation date, but I’d like to see a little more like previous published dates and who initiated them.


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Hi reg44reg,

For regular RP files that get published to Axure Share via the “Publish to Axure Share” dialog, there isn’t a way to view the generation dates and author names for previously uploaded versions of the file. I can go ahead and file this as a feature request to let the product management team know that there’s interest in being able to see this information.

In the meantime, if you happen to be using the Team edition of Axure RP 8, then you could generate and view this information by creating your file as a team project hosted on Axure Share. Once your team project is hosted on Axure Share, you would publish changes to the Axure Share URL by checking in or sending changes to your team project. Checking in the changes leaves a record in the team project history, which allows you to view who checked in what changes and when. You can view the team project history by going to “Team > Browse Team Project History” to open the “Team Project History Browser” dialog. From here, you can browser your checkin history for the team project for all users, and you can export revisions to a RP file.

Hopefully this helps!

Hi Alyssa,

I’m using the Team edition of Axure RP 8, and have my team project hosted on Axure Share.
I don’t see the option to view the published history with publish dates and author names for previously published on URLs.
This is different from the “Checkin history” which I can see by going to “Team > Browse Team Project History” to open the “Team Project History Browser” dialog.

Thanks for your help!


Hi nigithcm,

I’m afraid that publishing history feature hasn’t been added, albeit we can definitely continue to evaluate providing that kind functionality going forward.

The “Team > Browse Team Project History” method/workaround that Alyssa mentions would certainly log all team check-ins. The main idea is that each team check-in corresponds to an updated prototype, since a check-in triggers the corresponding prototype to generate each time. And so for each logged check-in, you’ll know that an updated prototype was generated to reflect the checked-in changes.

Nonetheless, I’ll be logging your post here with our product team so we can include it in review–thank you!

Hello Alex,
Was there any progress on this product idea? It would be very useful to have more robust version control of published prototypes.
Currently the workaround seems to be to rename the published file with a date stamp or version each time it is updated. This is one more task that is easily forgotten.


Hi tomw!

No update yet on version control for Axure Share projects, but I’ll let our designated teams know that there is continued interest for this feature.

I’d like to add a “yes, please” to the idea of a Publish history and version control. Thanks!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to follow up on this as there appeared to have been some strong interest in having a publish history for all projects. We recently released a “history” tab in Axure Cloud which shows you the various publish events and details for your Axure Cloud projects. Specifically, for each individual publish, it shows who published it, the date that the publish event occurred, as well as any publish notes that the publisher wants to share with the rest of their team.

To access this history tab and view the different publish events. Click into any project in Axure Cloud to access the project overview, then select the “history” tab at the top.

All the best,
Raleigh Matern
Product Manager at Axure

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This is awesome! Though, what would be even more awesome if history provided a link to the uploaded file for each history version. (Currently you can get only the most recent .rp upload.) I can see how this could get expensive, storage-wise, so maybe just make it a Teams feature?

Anyway, I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth: this new history feature is going to super helpful.

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Hello @josephxbrick,

Happy you like the new history page!

Some additional good news, for team projects specifically you can download previous versions as well (see screenshot below - I have greyed out some areas as it’s an internal document but the download buttons on each version show what you are looking for).

All the best,

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That’s awesome! This would have saved my bacon multiple times in the past!

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Hi Raleigh.

I’d really value having this feature, so that I can link to the specific version of a prototype that my stakeholders reviewed. Are “team projects” something that are tied to a particular subscription model for Axure, or is it a simple thing I can switch in my prototypes, or the way that I publish them?



Hello @malross I hope you are having a great day!

I reached out to someone on our team to follow up with you via an email as they will have more information on how team projects work and how you can go about getting them. But to give you a quick summary on the topic you brought up…
Prototype’s share links will always show the latest published changes for a given project. So if you are looking to share different versions of a project my recommendation is to branch a version off that you want to share into a separate project and share that particular share link with others. This team project history page is great for that as it gives you access to all project versions on a single page allowing you to be able to download and branch off (publish to a new project) whatever version you are looking to share out.

All the best,
Product Manager @ Axure