Publish only in the 320 adaptive view


Is there a way to publish only in the 320 adaptive view without the base desktop view?

I tried to select only the 320 view, but it doesn’t allow us to unselect the base view. When I open the link on my android phone, the default is still the desktop view. Did I do something wrong with the viewport tag?


Hi mmessier,

While only the child views can be de-selected in the HTML generator options (the base view is always generated), the appropriate views should still be displayed if your screen size is meeting the adaptive breakpoints. If you’re seeing that the 320 view of your prototype is set to be generated but isn’t being displayed when you’re viewing it on your Android device, would you be able to post a copy of your RP file? Having the file will allow us to take a closer look at what might be going on. It may also help to make sure that the device you’re viewing your prototype on does indeed have a screen size of 320px wide, as some operating systems do apply a scaling factor.

If privacy is a concern, you can also feel free to send it to us in an email to We’ll be standing by!

We are now testing on larger phone than 320px. So I tried to set the adaptative view at a larger width and it seems to be working now.

If we do user tests with online panel on various phone size, does this mean that we should set a larger width to make sure that we cover a maximum of type of phones?

Hi mmessier,

I’m glad to hear that you were able to sort things out! If you’d like to help make sure that your prototype’s content is displayed while viewing it on various screen sizes, you can try designing the base view as the smallest view and then adding larger views from there. For example, you could create the base view as 320px wide, the next view as 480px wide and above, the next as 720px and above, and so on. This way the smaller view will always be displayed until the size of the screen meets or exceeds the breakpoint of the next largest view.

This is called the “mobile-first” approach, which you can read a bit more about here:

Hopefully this is helpful, and let us know if you have any questions!