Push / Pull issue with nested dynamic panels


I’m having trouble with a nested accordion (second level dynamic panel) not pushing down the content below it. However, it does pull the content back up when clicking the second panel state.

If you preview the prototype attached, you’ll see that the page 1 prototype works fine with a single-level accordion for the 4 sizes. However, I’m trying to make additional versions with nested accordions, and if you look at the Page 2 prototype when you click on SIZE, and then MEN’S SIZES, that panel does not push the top-level panels down. I’m guessing the nested panel doesn’t recognize the content below.

I feel this is probably a simple fix, but this is the first time I have nested a dynamic panel within another dynamic panel.

Any help is appreciated! THANKS!

Edit: Attached the prototype.

https://lqieoh.axshare.com/#id=1yuem8&p=page_2&g=1PLP Size Prototypes.rp (208.4 KB)


Hi there,

Thanks for attaching the prototype for us to investigate. We are able to reproduce the behavior you’re encountering and confirm this is a bug associated with dynamic panel states. It appears that a static dynamic panel state is unable to push and pull widgets when the contents are resizing a panel size.

After looking through the project you provided, it seems like the top-level dynamic panels only have one state. Because of this, I was able to remove the dynamic panel usage in the accordion set up and modified the “Set Panel State” interactions for the nested dynamic panels to “Show Hide”. I have made the above adjustments in your file and attached it below:

PLP Size Prototypes - Axure Edit.rp (187.8 KB)

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and hope that information helps. If you have any other questions please let us know!


THANK YOU! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hi wondering if any of the Axure updates fix the bug? When the bug is expected to be bopped with a big hammer as push / pull is a really central part of Axure for me for most pieces of work.

Mindful not all Axure bugs can receive high priority fixes.



Hi @k8fisher9,

After reviewing the filed issue and confirming with our QA team, it looks like the behavior of the push and pull is working as designed. Generally speaking, only widgets that have the same parent (whether that is a dynamic panel or the page) as the widget that is causing the push or pull would be moved.

To have your widgets be affected by the push and pull interactions, you will need to place them under the parent container they may be nested in.

Hope that helps!


It would be so nice to have an option to include widgets outside of the parent container to be included in any push/pull interaction :pensive: