Push/Pull not working for object in accordion menu

I have a menu created as an accordion. I am building it one layer at a time. I have the first three layers working fine. I added the fourth layer - Manage Data, and now this layered object is not being pushed or pulled by the objects above it. If I click the “Data Tools” menu item to open, then “Manage Data” pushes down. If I click “Data Tools” to close then “Manage Data” pulls up, which is what I want. Now… if I open the Data Tools menu item and click any of the sub-menu items within - Billed Volume, Labor or PBM, then Manage Data does not push/pull. Not sure why this is occurring. I am using “push/pull objects” in all cases whenever there is a Click or Tap… Can anyone help?

Someone told me once that objects next to each other may not push/pull if they are not “placed correctly”. I do not know what “placed correctly” means, so I am asking if anyone knows why I may be having this issue.

I am attaching a copy of the menu I am creating and the fourth layer - Manage Data, which is not working as it should.

accordion_menu_push-pull_issue1.rp (260.5 KB)

Hi, you’ve ran into a well known issue with Axure, with so-called nested panels. In this thread you can read Jane_Axure explaining this. She’s also added an example of a workaround you can download and try out: Pushing widgets within a panel (within a panel)
Good luck!

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