Push-Pull problems. not work properly

design-prototyping.rp (20.3 MB)

i use the push-pull widget to expand and collapse my element. If you click “1,2,3” in this sequence, it works. but if u click “2, and than 1” it doesn´t work properly.

Maybe someone can help me, thanks:)

I often encounter problems with the push/pull function in situations like this. Not sure why - I think it’s acting correctly, it’s just hard to understand when multiple objects are being pushed and pulled.

Instead, for something like your example, I usually use dynamic panels stacked on top of each other (call them A, B and C), then put an “OnResize” action on them that keeps the stuff under them at a fixed distance.

So, panel A would keep B 10px below it:

Move B to [[Target.left]] , [[This.bottom + 10]]

And panel B would keep C 10px below it:

Move C to [[Target.left]] , [[This.bottom + 10]]

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thanks for your answer. I found out something very strange.

if i delete the last paragraph and the minus image in the hidden group, it works.

How can that be? :smiley:

I think it’ll be due to the vertical position of those elements. The push/pull may not be affecting them if they are in the “wrong” place. At least, that’s how I think of it.

Your issues are probably happening because you’re using “grouped widgets.” They’re not as intuitive as you want them to be and I’ve torn my hair out on a few occasions because of them.

Blocking out things using dynamic panels has been far more consistent for me.

I mocked up an example but I cheated a little and only did the accordion part, you’ll have to add any of the other logic you want back in.

PushPullWidgets.rp (2.3 MB)


thanks for your help, i try a solution from your idea with content in dynamic panels and the “manually” add [[This.bottom …]] onClick.

and now it works :slight_smile:

thanks @huban and @JonB

This was the solution to my problem. I grouped a bunch of dynamic panels together and it seemed to cause problems. As soon as I ungrouped them, everything worked! This was on Axure RP 10 too!