Push widgets below also drags along items above the widget

This is the problem/bug:

I have a hidden dynamic panel, which is triggered by the button ‘meer zoekopties’ (see image)

The case is: show dynamic panel via clicking the button (with ‘push widgets below’ ticked), wanting to show it and push the button ‘meer zoekopties’ down. However the bar above gets dragged along. See giphy:

I believe that the dynamic panel is positioned low enough that it shouldn’t effect the bar above. So is this something that needs to be fixed? Or is it something else?

Okay… so I discovered that with playing around with the nesting of items in the outline, the problem is kinda solved. But I don’t think that the nesting should be of influence, since it is just about the height of the item that needs to push everything below it.


“Push widget” is a really sensitive option, you could try 3 options for a good result :

Option 1 : Close both items (“Meer zoekopties” and yours “zoekopties”) inside a dynamic panel

Option 2 : Use the “Move” option with “Show/Hide” inside your Click event and not “Push widget”

Option 3 (I hate it but it work too) : Create a page only with your both objects and call it with an “inline frame”

Thanks for offering alternatives, though I was aware of those. All three of them have some negative effects compared to using ‘push widgets’.

And I think for Axure to offer the feature ‘push widgets’, it should be working in the logical way… meaning it should measure the top x-coordinate of the designated widget and everything below that widget should move by x-height of widget.

Yes, those alternatives add complexity to your prototype. The margin to break “push widget” seem to be 10px for y-coordinate but I don’t know about x-coordinate… And know I think if an editable master with “push widget” could break this rule :thinking:

Oops, you’re right. I meant y-coordinate in my description. Didn’t know that it was 10px, but to me that seems quite a lot… for items that are 10px above the appearing widget to also be pushed down by something which is below itself.