Question about the function of pin to browser when making dynamic panel

Hi there, I’ve been used Axure RP 9.0 for a month so kinda of NEWBIE.

I have a question about the function of pin to browser when using dynamic panel.

If I placed the dynamic panel as hidden and outbound of the size of the screen.
i want to show up a hidden dynamic panel on the center of the boundary.

Actually, it functioned well before this situation accrued.
I have no idea, why my dynamic panel has an un-controllable margin.

How do I control it?

please check the attached image if doesn’t understand.

“The “Pin to Browser” option fixes a dynamic panel in place relative to the browser window, meaning it won’t move when the page is scrolled.” ~ From the Axure documentation:

Select the “Center” and “Middle” radio buttons in the Pin to Browser dialog. This will cause it to be always shown in the center of the window.

When “Left” or “Bottom” radio buttons are selected, the margins are set automatically, based on the position of the dynamic panel in your editor page area. So if you place it out of view, it would never show up. For instance, based on your screenshot, your dynamic panel is placed at x = -447 , y = 399. If you modal’s width is less than 447 px it would be pinned too far left to be seen. It would also always appear exactly 399 px from top of the window. If you place this dynamic panel center-aligned and middle-aligned to your viewable area, then the Left and Top options would work the same as Center and Middle.

thanks for helping me.

its very helpful.