Question from an Antetype switcher: Can Axure do nesting?

Hi All,
so I have signed up for a test account and what I see is impressive. As the title suggests there is one core feature that I absolutely need (or maybe I don’t? :slight_smile:) and that is to nest objects like Icons inside a parent cell.
Why do I need it? Because I need to toggle states of several icons from “Icon List” to “Icon Only” and I need the icons to automatically realign/reshuffle when the state change happens.
If this is possible, a light prod to guide me where to look is appreciated, even a “yes it is, keep looking, fool” will help. I am evaluating several solutions and time is of the essence. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any tips!

Hi Stephan!

Can you post a picture or two of what you are trying to do?

Hi @josephxbrick, thanks very much for your speedy reply!
Here’s a GIF of what I need to do:

I still don’t really understand what you mean by “nesting”.

However, it is possible to use Axure to simulate the behavior demonstrated in your example. The short, hint-in-the-right-direction answers are: 1) use a dynamic panel inside a repeater and switch the states using column variables, or 2) Use a different repeater for each state in a dynamic panel and just switch the panel states.

Repeaters are extremely powerful, but can be complicated to use. The forums are packed with posts on how to use them to do all kinds of things.

There’s a basic example that might help you get started: How to insert a shape include in a master in a repeater?

Thank you I’ll try that. What I mean by “nesting” is: In Antetype, I can add as many icons as I like and the behaviour is always the same: I can switch all states simultaneously and since a standalone icon uses up less space than an icon with text, all icons will rearrange automatically. Thy kind of float to the top or, any corner I specify.
(Unfortunately, Antetype has never come out of beta and it is buggy.)

Hi again @huban and @josephxbrick. I got huban’s example to do almost exactly what I needed. I converted the label to a Dynamic Panel and set its width to 0 through a click event. Beautiful!
There is one thing though that I wasn’t able to do, that is changing the repeater to “Wrap (Grid)” through the click event. Is this possible at all?

Unfortunately, no. Pretty much all of the repeater “style” options can’t be manipulated outside the editor. You can simulate the behavior you’re looking for by using multiple repeaters, but use it with caution; having a lot of repeaters loading on a single page can really slow things down.

Here’s an example of one way you can achieve what you want:Multi-viewList.rp (341.6 KB)

Hmm, yes I got so far by using two states. One state has the repeater in grid mode. This still means I have to add all my icons twice though so that does not solve my problem.
This is quite amazing. I have tested numerous solutions and so far, none of them can do this. It seems to be a simple thing. Except if that kind of behaviour was never anticipated by the developers of the prototyping software.
Well, anyway, you all have been a great help. Thank you!