Quick question about licensing of icons

I recently built a prototype for a client using many of the icons from the Axure’s default icon library. Now the client has come back to me asking if they are licensed to use those icons… this is a first. Can you please advise on how the license applies to icons included in the default library? My assumption is that they are free to use commercially, but I would like to confirm. Thanks!


Yep, you can use any widgets from the three libraries that come with Axure RP–including the Icons library–in commercial projects. If you have further questions or concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to email our help desk as well (support@axure.com). HTH!

I have similar question, as far as i know the icons in Axure library is using Font Awesome, my question is do we need to give attribution everytime we use these icons?

Are you using FontAwesome icons in Axure prototype or on live website? Is it public or internal?