Quiz prototype (user premission and keeping score)

i am a complete noob in axure and i need to make a test prototype.
I already figured out how to make the test and preprogramm the right answers but i still dont know how to do a number of thigs:

  1. how do i keep score? i understand how to programm a single question for it to show right or wrong answer, but how do i present the final score when students submit their test?
  2. the site should host 3 member types: students (who take the test), teachers (who can see all the results), and admin (who can edit the test) how do i grant these unique premissions to user types?

Use a global variable, or several, to track data across pages. For example, you could create a variable named “Score” and increment it each time a correct answer is entered
(with and action like, Set Variable Value Score to [[Score + 1]])
You could extend this with one global variable per student, for example, global variables named, Score1, Score2, Score3.

You could also use a global variable to track this piece of data. For example, you could create a variable named “UserType” and set it to one of your three values. I would recommend a Droplist widget for the user to select a user type, or alternatively three separate buttons.

Do realize your prototype will not be able to save data between sessions. So it is not like someone could “sign in” as a Student, take a test, close the browser/tab and then load the prototype again with their score saved. That is “real application” behavior, beyond the purpose and ability of prototypes–at least Axure prototypes and most popular prototyping applications. You could fake some test scores though, for example by setting your global variable value(s) in a “preset page” or “God mode” modal (dynamic panel widget) so that you can demonstrate or test the “teacher” and “admin” roles.