Radial menu help


I am currently trying to create a 16 section radial menu similar to the one in the below link:

This would be for a sports application with the below functionality:

Unselected state just the centre circle with ‘select team’ text, user presses or clicks on centre circle, radial selections expand out. When a selection is highlighted it would expand out slightly more or change colour if possible but most importantly the centre circle content would change depending on the selection. So a team badge and name. The radial selections would contract leaving just the circle once the user presses the centre circle to confirm their selection.

I’m quite new to Axure and I think this is rather complicated so any help would be much appreciated!/



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Its achievable for sure

Thanks, that’s good to know.

It’s just working out how :slight_smile:, the pie chart is a bit finicky but seems like one way…

One trick you can use is to

  1. Have hidden icons outside the circle

  2. When user press the center, then you can hide the icons inside the circle

  3. Show the hidden icon outside the circle

  4. You can show different text in the center of the circle as well

Hope this helps you

Here AxureRadial Menu.rp (132.3 KB)

A huge help, thanks James!