Radio button and checkbox alignment, general preview issues

Alignment of radio buttons checkboxes is wildly off when previewing, either locally or on Axshare, and Chrome, Edge as well as in Firefox:

Hi mvuijlst!

Hmm, I’ve been able to reproduce some slight alignment differences for radio buttons and checkboxes when previewing on my end, but I have not yet been able to reproduce any alignment issues that shift the widget text to this degree. To take a closer look at this behavior, could you send along this portion of your project file for review? If you would prefer to keep the project file confidential, you can email it to our support team at

Thank you!

Sure. Here you go.

alignment.rp (62.9 KB)

Hi mvuijlst,

Thanks for sending this along! I’ve taken a look through the project file, and it looks like the default widget style includes some padding along the right and left, as well as the top and bottom of your widget text. The value of this padding is “5”, so it’s pushing the top and right positioning for the text for these checkboxes and radio buttons by “5” on output. While the text padding is changing, the positioning for the checkbox and radio button icons are static, so that the text appears misaligned with the icons. Changing the padding for these widgets to a different value, such as “2” should allow for the text to display as aligned with the radio and checkbox icons:

alignment-edited-padding.rp (60.7 KB)

I hope this helps!

Thanks. This was exactly it.

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