Radio buttons inside repeater’s row

Wouldn’t someone with a radio in the repeater help me?

Thank you Tom

Trial.rp (64.0 KB)


You need to do two things in order to get the radio buttons to behave like radio buttons:

  1. Select the radio button (the thing your code selects and unselects) and assign it a radio group. (Images below.) You can call it whatever you want. This way Axure will know that you want buttons in the repeater only select one at a time.
  2. In the repeater properties, unselect “Isolate Selection Groups.” When this is checked, the selected states of the buttons in the same repeater row will be selected one-at-a-time. When it’s unchecked, radio buttons across rows will be selected one-at-a-time:

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Perfect. Thanks a lot Tom

And I have one more question. If I click on the marked radio again, it will be unmarked.

So solved

Hi can I ask what version you’re running.

I’m running, have my radios in a radio group, have “isloate radio groups” set on the repeater and can’t get it to behave as expected. I’m setting the status of the radio in the repeater’s onloaded event, and within Axure it appears to be correctly. But when I preview it in a browser, it seems as though “isolate radio groups” is ignored.

Inside Axure

In browser preview

Brilliant, Thank you Joseph!