"Raised event" interaction is not on my software :/

Hello everybody !

I’m new to Axure and I want to add my first “Raised event” to my project. I add a lot of trouble locating it and I finally discovered on a screenshot that it doesn’t seems to exist on my software :confused:

When I open my Case Editor, there is no “Raised event’” anywhere, under “Miscellaneous” the only options are “Wait”, “Other” and “Fire event”. Is there a way to make it appear ?

There are different masters on my project so I don’t understand what I should do :confused:
Thank you !

You need to create the Raised Event inside the Master. It will then show up on instances of that master when you place them on a page. I recommend working through the Raised Events tutorial.

Thank you davegoodman, I already went to this page but couldn’t figure it out.

I’m using Axure Pro 8, and it’s not the same display, I just find “Raised event” now.

So a raised event communicates that something has happened inside an instance of a master to the page where the master is placed.

Firstly, you need to go into your master and create a new raised event. I found a blog post which describes how to do this in RP8. About halfway down the page. It seems in RP8 it’s helpfully hidden in the ‘miscellaneous’ category of interactions.

Once you have created the raised event in the master itself, you then need to go to the instance of the master you want to trigger something from. So, place the master on a page, then click on that master instance. You should see your created event (you can name them, so you might call it something like ‘NavChange’ or ‘ButtonClick’). At that point you can attach whatever interactions you want to the raised event.

Thank you a lot davegoodman, I finally succeed ^^

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