Reload inline frame problem

When I open link in frame with same page(relaoding) before I loaded to this frame, it doesn’t work.

This problem is not appear in preview mode, but only when I publish locally or use axshare.

I attached my example file.
reload_iframe.rp (60.1 KB)

Please help me :frowning:

Thank you for reading my problem!

Yeh I have same problem. anyone knows how to resolve this ?

Not sure what’s going on here–or actually, why what is not going on. Sure looks like a bug. I would recommend you contact and include your .rp file, or maybe a link to this thread.

Clearly, in the published HTML the Open Link in Frame action is not happening if the current page is the same page in the inline Frame–in other words, the page in an Inline Frame will not reload. You can verify this by comparing Page 1 and Page 1 (b) in the demo below.

One workaround I discovered is to first load a “temporary page”, wait a bit, then load your existing page. For me (on Windows 10 with Google Chrome version 88.0.4324.190) The wait duration works down to 10 ms --performance may vary by OS, browser, and system.

See this updated demo file:
reload_iframe_v2.rp (108.1 KB)