Remove "console/sidebar" (generated HTML)

I believe I have unchecked every possible box related to removing the console from my index.html .

Can remove the console through code, but by doing this desired aspects got removed as well.
If I rename my first page to “index” (skipping the problematic by default index), the console disappears, but functionality from the original index file is lost (adaptive views).

Please advise, and thanks in advance

Hi! To confirm, are you trying to launch local generated HTML for your prototype and have it launch with the sidebar removed? If so, then instead of launching the index.html or start.html pages, please try launching the HTML for the pages themselves (e.g. “home.html”); these do not include the browser console. Hopefully that helps!

Hello and thanks for the quick response.

See below. If I want to launch “new_page_1” (“home” equivalent), where would I place the other HTML files without causing directory issues(within the respective scripts)? If I remove them the launch returns a blank page.

If I rename new_page_1.html to index.html (and remove the other HTML’s), the page launches but the adaptive function on mobile disappears. I believe the server targets “index.html” files.

Hope to sort this out, thx!

Hmm, generally you would leave those other HTML files where they are now, and have whatever you’re using to launch the HTML point to the page that you want to land on instead of the start/index pages. In a quick test on my end (testing with the generated HTML locally on my hard drive) it looks like you can either remove the start files or move them into another folder, and just launch the needed page and the prototype still runs. So far I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with the page launching blank.

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It turns out that my error was treating my large size desktop as the base layer in the adaptive views. Once my base layer is set to the smallest size, my pages work like they should, on all devices.
Thanks for the communication anyway!

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