Remove scroll bar when element occupies 100% of screen

I’m having a problem, I want the item to be 100% size of the page, I configured it with onWindowResize, 100% of the screen, as expected was occupying 100%
but it gets a horizontal scroll bar when it gets smaller than the original width of the item.

would have some way of doing occupy 100% of the screen and when it is less than the width of the item does not do horizontal scroll bar?

resize test.rp (50.9 KB)

Check is you have not set the widget to show scroll bar and set it to none

Hi viniciuswz,

I took a look at your file and it looks like a quick workaround for this would be to resize the rectangle widgets to be much shorter than their original sizes. This way the width’s of the widgets will extend to match the size of the window when the OnWindowResize event is triggered (rather than shorten, which is what’s causing the horizontal scrollbar to appear).

I’ve uploaded an edited version of your file with these changes, so let me know if you have any questions!

resize test_edited.rp (51.5 KB)